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NABORS Holiday Social 2017

Launch of Gift Card Fundraising Program


Fundscrip is an innovative program that lets you earn cash rebates for NABORS based on things you buy everyday like groceries, gas, restaurants, and other household items.  All you have to do is pay for some or all of your purchases using GIFT CARDS bought at face value from FundScrip participating retailers and a percentage of every gift card purchased is contributed to NABORS fundraising efforts.

Ask family & friend to support our group?

We encourage everyone to invite their family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors to participate in FundScrip as well.  The gift cards come preloaded and are available in various denominations.  As you use the cards, the value of the purchase is automatically deducted from the value stored on the card.  If you don’t use the entire amount, the balance remains on the card and can be used for future purchases.

How to order your gift card & support NABORS

A complete list of the gift cards can be found in the accompanying document titled “Retailer List”.  Over 100 retailers are offering rebates back to NABORS.


In this option NABORS office receives paper orders and cheques payable to NABORS.  NABORS orders the cards on your behalf.   NABORS office will send in an order every 2nd month on the first of each month starting Sept 1st.  Therefore your orders must be in to the NABORS office by the 28th of the previous month (ie. August 28th, Oct. 28th, Dec. 28th, etc.).  Please complete the attached order form with a cheque payable to NABORS and hand this to one of the core staff; Gail, Sharon, Jennifer, Nick.  When the order comes in (usually within the week) we will make arrangements to deliver the cards to you. 


You also have the ability to directly order cards online and have them directly shipped to your home. You can order online at any time and as such are not limited to the 2 month ordering window.

To register for this option please go to

Registration is very easy and quick.  Payment options with Direct Ordering / Direct Shipping:

With this option there are three options for payment.  For all 3 options there is a $1.00 shipping fee and the maximum for one order is either $500 or a maximum of 4 gift cards (up to a combined maximum of $500).

a)    Online bill payment through your bank:  This is a good option in that there are no fees.  However, please be aware that it can take up to 3 business days for the payment to clear and your order cannot be processed until that occurs.  Given this it is not a good option if you are desiring to receive the cards quickly or to receive a more immediate “e gift card”

b)    Electronic Funds Transfer payment:  This is also a good option as it is free.  These payments are processed several times a day and as such is quicker than online bill payment.

c)    Credit Card:  This option does involve a 2% fee (not to yourself but to the order) and as such reduces the amount of rebate back to NABORS by that percentage.  However this can be the best option if you are desiring a “e gift card” for immediate use (ie. If you decide at 4pm you want to go out to a movie that night, you can order an e gift card for the movie theatre and then use that for your ticket).

For more information please contact Gail Jones at 416-351-0095 ext 210 or