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Funding and Home Care Supports

  • Occupational Therapy (OT) Assessment for falling hazards: CCAC will arrange for a referral for an OT (Occupational Therapist) to do a home assessment for falling hazards, do training with your team on safe transfers, or get a mobility assessment. You can refer for yourself, or a loved one with Toronto Central CCAC: 416.506.9888 Have your health card ready and you must know your postal code to set up this service.

  • Community Navigation Access Program (CNAP) helps you set up non-medical home supports, such as Meals-On-Wheels and getting to medical appointments – 1.877.540.6565.

  • TTC support person card

    TTC support person card This card is for members of the community who have a disability and require assistance to travel on the TTC. Once approved the member will be able to show this card at any TTC collector and their attendant will be able to travel for free.

  • OFCP funding programs

    The Ontario Federation Cerebral Palsy (OFCP) offers funding assistance grants to Individual Members of the OFCP who have cerebral palsy. Funds can be accessed through our funding assistance program. Please review the guidelines and application forms carefully before applying. Funding for Life Enriching Activity Fund, Assistive Devices Funding Program and a variety of scholarships and awards.

  • Ontario Assistive Devices Program

    The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) helps Ontarians with long-term physical disabilities pay for some customized equipment, like wheelchairs and hearing aids. The ADP also helps cover the cost of specialized supplies.

  • The Tetra Society of North America

    Tetra clients can be anyone. They can be infants or seniors or anyone in between. As well, levels of disability can vary greatly from client to client. No challenge given Tetra’s volunteers is deemed too great or too small. The goal is always to reduce societal and environmental barriers and to create increased independence.

  • March of Dimes - assistive devices program

    March of Dimes Canada Assistive Devices Program assists adults with physical disabilities who are in financial need to purchase assistive devices that increase their mobility and functional independence. The Program can help to buy, repair and maintain a wide variety of mobility or assistive equipment.

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