Circles of Support

A circle of support is a group of citizens who come together to support and share a relationship with a person who may be vulnerable because of having a disability. People who have disabilities are at risk of becoming isolated and surrounded by people who are paid to be in their life.

NABORS exists to safeguard against this and to keep people safe through strong circles of support. Within NABORS, a circle of support is made up of the individual or supported member, their family members, and friends, which might include a neighbour, former teacher, co-worker or peer, family friend, community member or former support staff. Ideally, the circle is made up of a variety of members who bring different skills, perspectives and ideas.

"Circles are what keep people safe..."

Every member of a circle of support benefits from being a member but the purpose is focused on one individual. We believe that circles are what keep people safe. Relationships which are freely given are the gateway to opportunities that allow us to meet people, build on and explore our personal interests, pursue our dreams and control our destiny.

Circles of support centred around the supported members are the foundation of NABORS, and NABORS cannot exist without them. NABORS is only able to support people to live in homes of their own choosing with the help of their circles. For NABORS to exist, supported members of NABORS are required to have a circle of support.

Becoming a Supported Member

On occasion we have an opening for a new supported member. We share this information with the membership and friends of NABORS asking people to put the word out that we are accepting applications from individuals who have an existing circle of support.   A committee is struck to conduct interviews and select a new supported member.

NOTE: NABORS does not provide housing for Supported Members.

Becoming an Associate Member

Those who are considering joining NABORS but feel they need to know more, are welcome to request an application package for Associate Membership.  If accepted, it is limited to 2 years and offers an opportunity for the individual and their circle to experience all the benefits of membership, with the exception of being allocated hours of support.